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Model: YSC30L
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This wireless serial RS232 radio is very similar to our 1600 feet wireless serial radios except that this radio has a communication range of up to 9800 feet.

Under perfect conditions, which means line-of-sight without any interference or noise, these radios has a range of up to 9800 feet, however under normal conditions such as in industrial environments, office spaces or most indoor uses with walls, machinery and other obstructions, the communication range should be expected to be shorter depending on the number obstructions and interference/noise between the two wireless serial RS232 radios. With that said these radios has a very strong and reliable signal which work in most environments. It is a good, simple and reliable low-cost solution without any advanced functions so it is very simple and easy to setup and use.

These wireless RS232 serial radios works as transceivers, meaning each radio can transmit and receive, however not at the same time. They can be setup to communicate in point-to-multipoint or point-to-point networks. Each radio has 8 channels which means you can have up to 8 pairs of radios at the same location communicating at the same time without they interfere with each other. See our setup examples for how the radios can be configured in a network or point-to-point.

Power to the these radios is provided through the included USB cable. In case you don't have a USB port available we also offer a 110VAC/5VDC adapter which can be used for powering the radios if you have a 110VAC outlet available instead. With each serial wireless radio is a USB to DC adapter cable included, which will allow you to connect the 110VAC/5VDC power adapter to the USB connector.

The parameters of the radios must be configured over the serial RS232 interface which is a standard DB9 female connector. If your computer does not have a serial COM port, we highly recommend using a good quality USB to RS232 serial converter such as this USB to serial adapter which is fully compatible with these radios.

The simplicity and reliability of these serial wireless radios makes them an ideal solution for many applications and environments such as factory automation, building control, CNC machinery and many other applications.

These radios are sold individually. To setup a communication link you will need two radios.
The radios broadcasts in the unlicensed 433Mhz band so no license is required.

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Model number YSC30L
Recommended OS Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista / XP
Processor Philips 8-bit microcontroller LPC922F
RF Transceiver Texas Instruments CC1101
Serial interface RS232, DB9 female
Baud rates 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200bps
Buffer 128bytes
RS232 Signals TX, RX
Parity None, Even, Odd
Stop bits 1
Data bits 8 (6 and 7 bits not supported)
DCE/DTE control None
Power on pin 9 Yes, 5VDC
Switch time for TX/RX 10ms
Power consumption Sleep mode: 20uA , 35mA active RX, 210mA TX
Antenna 50 ohm SMA Female, external di-pole
Frequency 429.00 ~ 433.30MHz
RF power 500mW/ 27dBm
Receiving sensitivity 118dBm (@9600bps)
Receiving current less than 25mA
Transmitting current less than 400mA
Number of channels 8
Power +5 to 5.5VDC powered by:
Option 1: USB cable (included)
Option 2: AC/DC adapter (not included)
Indication LEDs TX, RX
Typ. range 1 2km/6500 feet (BER=10-3@9600bps
Typ. range 2 3km/9800 feet (BER=10-3@1200bps)
Operating temp. -35C to 75C ( 31 to 167 F)
Dimensions 80 x 45 x 19mm (without antenna port)
Certifications CE, FCC
Warranty 2-year Limited Warranty
ECCN 4A994.a
Schedule B 8471.80.1000
HTS 8517.18.0050

For alternative wireless serial solutions please see our selection of other RS232 wireless serial adapters.

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